Let’s Go Beyond Green And Redefine Plastic!

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At Beyond Green, our goal is to help eradicate our world of the pollution created by single-use plastics. Unlike others that use ‘Greenwashing‘ tactics to sell products (misleading consumers into believing they contain no plastics), we at Beyond Green offers an industry-leading example of what is actually achievable:

BEYOND Chemicals

NO Starch, PLA, GMO,  PE,  EPI, PHA or Micro-Fragments
(ex: OXO-Degradable).  Conventional ingredients that pollute our oceans.

Not only compostable on an industrial level,
but 100% HOME Compostable as well.

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BEYOND "Greenwashing"

Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or misleading consumers with deceptive information, purporting that their goods are environmentally sound.


Plastics were invented to help replace paper.  Trees are critical to our environment and NOT an alternative to plastics. Beyond Green is the solution to replace them both:

BEYOND Credentials

Products that are, plant-based, home compostable formulations, proven by 3rd party National and International Certifications. These credentials prove we are beyond green!

BEYOND Charitable

Learn all the ways Beyond Green is giving back to the World

Dirty vs clean oceanclean vs dirty ocean

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Why it Matters:

Every Year An Estimated 14 Billion Pounds of Trash, Mostly Plastic, are Dumped into oceans Our Renewable Material Products are Solving the Plastic Paradox issues by Reducing Global Plastic Pollution and ridding the current single-use plastic model.