About Us

Our Mission

To prevent single-use plastic pollution by providing alternative bio-based products. While promoting clean-up movements around the world, Beyond Green Innovations is more than just a product. We are a movement focused on educating consumers on the effects that single-use plastics have on the environment and how to know the difference of a truly green product versus that of misleading greenwashed products.

Our Vision

A world devoid of single use plastics allowing restored air producing forests and beautiful oceans.   

Our Slogan

Let’s Go Beyond Green And Redefine Plastic!

Why Are We Better?

Beyond Green Innovations, has been leading the way in innovative bio-based and sustainable material technology in efforts to aid in the movement on reducing single-use plastic pollution in the world. With products made in the USA, Beyond Green Innovations provides consumers with quality-controlled and certified compostable plastics.

The Beyond Green Difference: Made with natural, non-GMO, bio-based renewable material, Beyond Greens patented plant-based blend promotes minimized pollution and supports sustainable development goals. This allows our material to naturally breakdown in the environment and serve as food to be consumed by micro-organisms while creating a circular lifecycle working in harmony with the environment. Our products still maintain the qualities of conventional plastic products without the heavy metals and chemical residues.

In a market flooded with “Green-washed” plastics, Beyond Green is the trusted alternative and backed by certifications from the most highly recognized international organizations supporting our goals.

Why Choose Us?

'SOME' Competitive Advantages of Beyond Green:

Beyond Green - Real Certifications:

Home Compostable – Breaks down 3-4 months without Chemicals