Private Label, Custom Bag Making & Custom Film Packaging Solutions

Beyond Green extrudes prints and converts custom manufactured compostable film at its Southern California location and soon Houston, TX.

At Beyond Green, our main mission is to help prevent single-use plastic bag pollution by offering our patented alternative to single-use plastic products. This means that we will go to the measures of creating custom size bags and packaging as well as using our environmentally friendly ink to print your name on our products just so that we can get more and more people away from single-use plastics. The best part of this is that all of the products we make for you will be manufactured in Lake Forest, California allowing you to resell or just use knowing that your products are made here in the United States of America.

BioBased Material:
A New Era Of Injection Molding

To help you reduce single use plastic materials in your product, Beyond Green has the renewable material technology as well as the machine capacity to take on any custom injection molded project you would like us to help you with.

Beyond Greens primary focus is  can manufacture items such as: disposable cutlery, golf tees, single-use medical devices (i.e urine specimen cup), furniture end caps, bottle caps, stirrers, cups, lids, containers, and much more!

We are open to taking on any custom project. All of our manufacturing is done in in the United States!

Manufacturing Highlights

Life Cycle Highlights